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Panasonic Center

Panasonic Center

At the Panasonic Center Tokyo that was produced by Matsushita group, Visitor can share Panasonics visions of two of the aims the Matsushita Group is most committed to 1 The network society 2 peaceful coexistences with the environment.

This is the Museum which we can see our future. The Big change will happen in the near future, just check the museum.

1st floor

The first floor consists of Panasonics Network showcase. Presenting thee coming ubiquitous society as it might look in the near future. It offers a breathtaking glimpse of the building blocks of that life style - from home interior to security system indispensable to the urban development of the time.

2nd floor

The second floor exhibits highlight some of Panasonic major milestones in environmental protection, universal design and other area. Presented by very advanced, yet very easy -to-understand multi-media displays.

Voice of Visitor

Panasonic center teach us our future, show us model plan of our towns future. I think that it will realize near future.


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