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Tokushima City is the prefectural capital of Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku Island.

The city's main tourist attraction is the Awa Odori, a highly popular, annual dance festival held during the Obon season in mid August.

The Awa-odori Dance is known for throughout Japan.

The 400-year-old dance is currently also performed outside the prefecture, and the dancers have been invited to perform at overseas events.

The Awa-dori Dance is considered to be as passionate and international as Rio's Carnival.

Therefore you may find yourself joining in on the fun. In case you missed the event, the Awa-odori Kaikan Hall in the center of the city is open for you to experience the Awa-odori at any time of year.

If you wish, you can dance there.

In Tokushima, you can also visit the famous giant Naruto whirlpools, just off the city on the shore of Naruto strait.


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