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Atami is a coastal onsen hot spring resort in Shizuoka prefecture, on the east coast of the Izu Peninsula, southwest of Tokyo. Atami literally means "hot ocean".

The town has been a popular onsen resort since the 8th century and is ranked as one of Japan's Three Great Hot Springs.

Today, the coastline is heavily developed and covered in concrete hotels, but in summer the sandy beach is popular.

At the heart of onsen resort is the onsen Geyser that spouts huge quantities of hot water.

Another attraction is the MOA Museum, located top of the hill on the mountainside of Atami Station that houses approximately 3,500 paintings as well as works of applied arts.

Atami castle is also famous attraction built in 1959. At 160m in height, the observation deck at the top offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and ocean.

With a clear sky day, you can see Izu Islands off the shore over the Sagami Bay.

There is a museum inside depicting an old samurai homestead.

Atami is populous destination for cherry blossom viewing in spring and fireworks in summer.


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