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Naha is the largest city in Okinawa Prefecture. Located in the southern part of Okinawa Main Island, it is the political, economic and transportation center of the prefecture.

Kokusai-dori Avenue is surely the most crowded place in Naha.

This approximately 1.6-kilometer-long street is lined with department stores, restaurants, coffee shops, general shops, clothing shops, travel agencies, banks, and of course souvenir shops which account for about 40% of the businesses and facilities on the high traffic street.

The market, known as the "kitchen of Naha," is always full of energy and excitement with old women called "Obaa" working actively amongst the brisk talking venders.

Naha once prospered as the outer port of Shuri, which flourished as the capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

In those days, Naha had much trade with China and Southeast Asia. Among the major remains of the Ryukyu Kingdom is Shuri Castle, the ruins of the Castle of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

The New Center is a new area for business and shopping in Naha.

Many local families go there to enjoy shopping at the large DFS Galleria Okinawa, where tax-free overseas brand items are sold, as well as to visit the nearby movie theaters and restaurants.

Other attractions include the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum where the nature, culture and art of Okinawa can truly be appreciated.


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