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Ishigaki Island

Ishigaki Island

Ishigaki-jima Island is the main island in the Yae-yama archipelago, which is about 420 kilometers southwest of Naha on Okinawa Main Island.

Ishigaki-jima Island is 90 kilometers around, and covered with mountains, including Mt. Omoto-dake, rising 526 meters above sea level, the highest in Okinawa.

The coral reef sea there is famous throughout the world and there are many scenic marine spots on the island, such as Shiraho, noted for a variety of colored coral that can be seen covering the bottom below the transparent waters, and Kabira Bay where the ocean's blueness is said to be the brightest in Okinawa.

In the suburbs of the city of Ishigaki spread the sugarcane fields, beyond which are the lush green mountain areas where Mt. Omoto-dake is found.

The jungles of tropical plants, such as mangroves, are quite valuable, as well as the stands of Yae-yama palm trees that are truly unique, growing wild only on the Yae-yama Islands.

There are a number of sightseeing spots where you can relax and enjoy beautiful scenery, like the Tamatorizaki Observatory, and the scenic Hirakubo and Ugan capes, accessible by a rental car or bike.


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