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Beppu is located in the central part of Oita, on the coast of Beppu Bay faces the sea.

It is one of Japan's most famous hot spring resorts, producing more hot spring water than any other resort in the country.

Hot water gushes at many spots in the city. The Beppu-onsen Spa consists of eight hot spring areas.

There are many modern spa resorts also supplied from the rich sources in those areas. Beppu offers an unmatched range of baths to be enjoyed, including ordinary hot water baths, mud baths, sand baths and steam baths.

In addition, the Hells of Beppu are several spectacular hot springs for viewing rather than bathing.

The Tour of Hell is the highlight of sightseeing in the Beppu Spa.

Eight spots including the Umi-jigoku (sea hell) made up of bright cobalt blue hot water, the Chi-no-ike-jigoku (blood pond hell) where hot water containing red melted clay gushes out and the Tatsumaki-jigoku (tornado hell), a geyser, are usually on the itinerary of the tour.


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