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Nikko is popular tour city for international tourists as well as Japanese tourists and the city forms a part of the Nikko National Park.

Nikko is located in the Tochigi prefecture, which is to the North of Tokyo.

Nikko is famous for the heritage shrine, temple, scenic slope, lake, National Park, hot spring, and waterfalls.

One of the famous shrines is Toshogu, which is designated as the world heritage site.

Thoshogu Shrine is where the famous Shogun of the Edo Period in the 17th century, Tokugawa Ieyasu, was worshiped after this death, It became as luxurious and elaborate as it looks today when the grandson of Ieyasu, the third Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu, reconstructed it.

The engravings on the Yomei-mon Gate are especially overwhelming, provided with every luxury imaginable and redolent in gorgeous colors.

Kegon falls is one of Japan's top 3 tourist attractions for its height and dynamic elevation change.

Water falls from approximately 100m (350ft) in height, and it gives the tourists spectacular views.

Visitors are able to go to the bottom of the gorge with an elevator to see this amazing view from behind the waterfalls.

Lake Chuzenji is one of the many lakes that represent Japan's beauty.

Lake Chuzenji was created by the eruption of Mt. Nandai, its lava entered Daiyagawa River and formed the lake.

It is surrounded by beautiful nature, and visitors can enjoy all four seasons with its exquisite scenery.


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