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Sado Island

Sado Island

Sado Island is located just off the coast of Niigata Prefecture, located 45 km northwest of the city of Niigata, and is one of Japan's largest islands.

This remote place has long been a destination for political exiles, many of whom ended up working in Sado's prosperous gold mine while the island is no longer the place of exile and of gold mine.

The island is also home to the endangered Toki or Japanese Ibis, extinct in the wild but planned to be reintroduced.

Sado Island has many attractions today, such as the Sado Gold Mine that offers a reproduction of gold mining activities in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Other attractions include Senkaku Bay with a beautiful view of the precipitous cliffs, Lake Kamo-ko where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, and Toki-no-mori-koen Park where you can see Japanese crested ibises, a protected species.


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