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Suwa lake

suwa lake

This 14.5 square kilometer lake has an average depth of only four meters, which makes it rather shallow. On the Kamisuwa side is a spa with thermally heated spring water.

Suwa-taisha Shrine

suwa taisha

Suwa-taisha Shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Japan with more than 10,000 branches. The Shrine consists of two shrines, the Kami Suwa (Upper Shrine) and the Shimo Suwa (Lower Shrine). The gods enshrined in Suwa Shrine are of chivalry, farming, hunting and wind, and it has many believers.

Takashima castle

takashima castle

Takashima castle is small but is famously known as 'The Floating Castle' as it is located close to the edge of the lake and appears to float on the water. First constructed in 1598, it was last rebuilt in 1970 after lying in ruins for many years. It has a three level main tower or donjon, a corner tower, moat and memorial park. This attractive castle is located 750 meters above sea level and from the donjon on a clear day are spectacular views of Mt. Fuji and high mountains such as Yatsugatake and Hotakadake


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