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Japan Alps

Japan Alps

Neon lights, skyscrapers and crowded metropolises are what usually come to mind when visitors think of Japan, so it surprises many to find there is an expanse of rocky landscape to discover for the more adventurous.

More than 70% of Japan's landmass is mountainous and covered by forests, pushing much of the 127 million strong populations to the well-populated coastal areas and creating a central wilderness within the country.

The Japan Alps is a series of mountain ranges in Japan that bisect the main island of Honshu.

The name was coined by English missionary for whom a memorial plaque is located at Kamikochi.

The Japan Alps encompass the Hida Mountains, the Kiso Mountains and the Akaishi Mountains.

Situated on convergent continental plates, nature has produced sweeping tracts of mountain plains with volcanoes strewn throughout, creating the famous hot spring resorts and relaxing getaways for the islands residents in any season.


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