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Kochi City is located on the Kagami-gawa River delta, at the head of Urado Bay.

The city is the political, cultural, economic, and trading center of the prefecture.

Kochi Castle dominates the center of the city, and Harimaya-bashi Bridge is famous for its red lacquer railings, which are retained to this day.

There are also several famous ruins within the city itself.

Obiya-machi is an arcade, which runs through the city, and Kyo-machi is a shopping street with many shops selling high-quality decorations made from coral.

The city's trams are affectionately known as "Toden" and are a favorite method of transport for citizens of Kochi and visitors.

At Urado Bay in the south of the city is Katsura-hama Beach.

This spot is famous for the pleasant contrast between the beach's pine tree forests and rocky coastal scenery.


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