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Sounkyo is a range of gorges located at the foot of Mt. Daisetsu-zan, near Asahikawa of central Hokkaido. Situated in the Daisetsuzan National Park, the area is best known for its onsen resorts as well as famous water fall and magnificent cliffs scenery.

The Soun-kyo-onsen is in the middle of the gorge, and is full of modern hotels.

The name of Sounkyo comes from Ainu language, which means "the river with many waterfalls".

The gorge contains lots of waterfalls, of which the Ryusei-no-taki Falls (shooting star falls) and Ginga-no-taki Falls (Milky Way falls) are especially worth seeing.

At both of these waterfalls, the water falls directly over the cliff, giving them a sense of great power.

The Obako and Kobako rock formations are said to be the most beautiful places in the gorge.

You can rent bicycles there.

In summer the Soun-kyo Hi-matsuri (fire festival) takes place in the gorge, while in mid-winter there is the Hyobaku-matsuri Festival (ice waterfall festival).


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