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Lake Shikotsu

Lake shikotsu

Lake Shikotsu-ko is located in southwestern Hokkaido, west of the city of Chitose.

It is a crater lake that was formed over 30,000 years ago by volcanic activity, and it has a maximum depth of 360 meters, making it the second deepest lake in Japan.

It is a very clean lake with visibility to a depth of 25 meters, and does not freeze in most winters.

This makes it the most northerly lake in Japan that does not freeze over. In summer, people enjoy boating on the lake - on pleasure boat tours, cruisers and motorboats, or they fish for rainbow trout or go scuba diving.

In winter, the Chitose-Shikotsuko-Hyobaku-matsuri Festival (ice waterfall festival) features objects made out of ice, which are lit up to produce a fantastic spectacle.


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