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The town of Kusatsu is located at the southeastern foot of Mt. Shirane-san in the northwestern part of Gunma.

The town became well known about 120 years ago after Dr. Balz, a medical doctor from Germany, found its hot spring to be very effective.

Kusatsu-onsen consists of eighteen public baths, each with a different effect and separate fountainhead.

Most of the hot springs operates twenty-four hours a day. In the center of the town, two spots are particularly popular all year round: 'Yubatake,' one of the fountainheads, and Netsu-no-yu, where 'yumomi' (stirring hot water with paddle-like wooden boards to cool it down) demonstrations are shown.

Near the mountaintop of Mt. Shirane, tourists can hike along the Shiga-Kusatsu-kogen Route, which is also a popular ski resort.

Manza-onsen Hot Spring, at the western foot of the mountain, is well known as a hot spring of high-quality milky-white water.


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