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The city of Fukuoka, also known as Hakata, is the major city in Kyushu and not only the center of administration and economy in the Kyushu region but also a terminal for air routes and railroads, occupying a central role in travel, information processing and entertainment.

Around Hakata Station, lots of office buildings are rising, and restaurants and hotels stand close together.

Fukuoka's major commercial district of Tenjin, are hopping seven days a week.

The city's public transit is fully developed with a well-functioning bus and subway system making transport to the rest of Fukuoka Prefecture and Kyushu fast and convenient.

Fukuoka City's unique charm is its blend of a big-city feel with beautiful natural spaces.

For visitors it offers a wild nightlife and endless shopping opportunities, a chance to visit traditional shrines and historical sight, several festivals and special events to take your breath away.

Twelve months a year, Fukuoka always has something to offer.


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