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Mt. Fuji climbing report

Mt. Fuji

All the Japanese people always want to try climbing Mt Fuji. But they don't have chance to climb to summit. I had a chance to climb up to summit.

Mt. Fuji

When we arrived an Mt Fuji area, a dense fog lay all around. But it was clear day as we started to walk to top. We saw a lot of shorting star, constellation, it was wonderful night. But, road to top of mountain was hard, a steep slop, rocks and many climber. Especially, the road between 7th- 8th is very hard like rock-climbing. On the way, there are many mountain hats that are selling mineral water, juice. Cost of water is 400 yen...

Finally, we arrived a summit of Mt Fuji; it took about 6 hours from 5th station. It was a time of sunrise, it was marvelous morning, but it was too cold. Temperature of top was probably 3 - 5 degree Celsius. There are many mountain hats that is serving noodle, miso soup etc.... If you have a power to walk around the crater that is 800m in diameter, 200m across, you can do that. It takes about 1 hours 30 mini.

Mt. Fuji

When we back to 5th step where we started, road are always down slope. We have got weak knees. But it is faster than when we went up, just 3 hours and 30mini to 5th step.

Enjoy your climbing and keep clean. I recommend you to drop in hot spring before you go back to your home. The benefit of Hot spring in this area is muscle ache.

5th station (2,350 m)
45 min -- easy way --
6th station (2,390m)
60 min - little bit hard --
7th station ( 2,700m)
100 min - very hard --
8th station (3,020m)
80 min - very hard --
Original 8th station( 3,360m)
80 min - hard --
Summit of Mt Fuji (3,776m)

Notice to Climbers

1. Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. Because of changeable weather on the mountain.
 It is best to avoid wearing casual wear for climbing.- warm clothing, glove and rain coat are necessary.

2. Be sure to follow the officially fixed routes for climbing up and down.
 For your own safety, never stray off the trails.

3. You are highly requested to keep in contact with each other while climbing and descending on the mountain not
 to go astray from your group.

4. On the descending route, there is only one toilet facility, no mountain huts are available.

5. During storms, stop walking and find shelter in huts.

6. Watch out falling rocks and stones, especially in places under construction.

7. Used cans and trash must be taken back with you for keeping beautification of Mt. Fuji.
 Be considerable of the people living on and near Mt. Fuji as well as the other climbers.


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