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Kawaii with Cherry Blossom Tour 7days

Enjoy unique experiences with Japanese sub-culture in Tokyo

Tour Date : March. 26 - April. 01, 2018
Price: USD 2,100  Book Now!

Kasaii with Cherry Blossom Tour

An unprecedented tour which combines the modern side and the traditional side of tokyo.
The modern aspect of Japan offers you unique experiences with Japanese sub-culture rooted deep down in the modern society.
The tour makes you enjoy through participation the Japanese culture, such as Sushi-making, visit to a typical family house, ride on Mario cart and so forth.
Having said that, you cannot miss the traditional thing of the country, specially tea ceremony and rickshaw. This tour provides the gist of Japanese culture in every aspect!!
The tour can be available with 6 -12Pax.

Itinerary & Price Details

Route Map

※View from a coach

Attraction of this tour

  • Ride on rickshaw around the Asakusa area
  • Cherry flower viewing at Ueno Park
  • Drive in unique cars and automobiles around the downtown of Tokyo.
       ( Real Mario Cart on day 4, you will be required to get international driver's license
  • One day trip to Kyoto (By Optional Tour)
  • Start Date(Day 1 of the Itinerary): March 26,2018
    Nights: 7 days 6 nights
    Price: USD 2,100     Book now!
    Single room supplement: USD 800
    Price (age4-11): USD1,000

    Child Rate

    Please note that children age 4-11 participant are half price when sharing a bed with their parents or guardians.
    Children age 3 and under participant are free of charge.


    All prices are per person, based on double or triple occupancy.
    International flights are not included on our tours - this allows you the flexibility to choose your own departure and get the best value for your money!


    6nights Western style accommodation in Asakusa
    Meet and greet upon arrival at Narita/ Haneda International Airport
    Airport transfers on arrival and departure
    Comprehensive escorted with Japan Dream Tour professional English speaking tour guide
    Meals described as in the itinerary
    Admission fees and activities
    Entry fees to sites, gardens, and museums listed in the itinerary


    International Airfares
    Meals that are not included in the itinerary
    Travel Insurance
    Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
    Personal expenses such as telephone and laundry bills


    Transport : Travel by public transportation in Tokyo and private coach in Kyoto
    Meal Requests : Vegetarian, halal or special meals can be arranged
    Meet and Greet : Please note that the meet and greet and airport transfer to the first hotel is ONLY available on the first day of the tour after 10 AM.
    If you plan to stay extra nights before the start of the tour, please arrange your own hotel transfer
    Tour schedule and prices subject to change without notice


  • 46 days or more prior to arrival date in Japan: no penalty
  • 45-31 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 10% of the tour fee
  • 30-15 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 20% of the tour fee
  • 14- 8 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 30% of the tour fee
  • 7 - 3 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 50% of the tour fee
  • Less than 3 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 100% of the tour fee
  • ※The cancellation fee is based on the date (Japan Standard Time).


    Rickshaw riding Sky Tree Ueno Park

    Rickshaw Riding

    Tokyo Sky tree

    Ueno Park

    Meiji Shrine Takeshita Street Shibuya109

    Meiji Shinto Shrine

    Takeshita Street

    Shibuya 109 Building

    Real mario cart Akihabara Ninja restaurant

    Real Mario Cart


    Ninja restaurant

    Sushi Making Tea ceremony


    Sushi making experience

    Tea ceremony

    KYOTO - Optional tour -

    Kiyomizudera Kinkakuji Nijo Castle

    Kiyomizu Temple
    Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavillion)
    Nijo castle


    NARITA-TOKYO     26.Mar,2018 (Mon)
    Welcome to Tokyo! You will be greeted by an English-speaking assistant at the airport after immigration and custom. The assistant will escort you to bus for your hotel. You will stay in Asakusa tonight.
    From Narita Airport to downtown hotel in Tokyo - about 90 mins(Bus) From Haneda Airport to downtown hotel in Tokyo - about 30 mins(Bus)

    You can also extend your vacation before / after the tour in Tokyo, Osaka. Please contact us!

    【About accomodation】
    The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by HULIC -6 nights- (WiFi=○) or similar
    The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by HULIC is located in the heart of Asakusa with a clear view of the Kaminarimon gate. The hotel is only 2-minute walk from Asakusa Station.
    You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Sky Tree Tower from the terrace on 14th floor. It's 15-20 minutes walk from the hotel to Tokyo Skytree which is the tallest structure in Tokyo 634.0 metres(2,080 ft).

    【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
    B(breakfast)=×, L(lunch)=×, D(dinner)=×


    ASAKUSA AREA   27.Mar,2018 (Tue)
    You will start your first day by visiting Asakusa, the oldest district in Tokyo where an atmosphere of past centuries still survives. The main attraction of Asakusa is Sensoji Buddhist temple whose history dates back to the year 628, when two fishermen netted the tiny gold statue of Kannon in Sumida river while fishing.

    After 20 minute unique ride on rickshaw around the area, you would feel as if you'd stepped back in time in Samurai period, when you are having experience of tea ceremony. The tea master welcomes you as an important guest to Japan.
    Then we proceed to Tea Ceremony. Japanese tea ceremony, called Sado or Cha-no-yu, has more than 400 years of history, the most elevated way to fully enjoy a bowl of tea. Spiritually and physically, we would like you to feel the air as well. It will be unforgettable experience.


    You are scheduled to have lunch at Kamiya bar restaurant, which has been serving Kushi-Katsu or deep-fried breaded meat on skewers with vegetable for more than 100 years.
    The new Tokyo transmission tower, Tokyo Sky Tree is your next destination with the hight of 2,000 feet. Let’s go up to the highest observation deck to enjoy 360-degree panoramic view of one of the biggest metropolitan area.
    Taking the century old Metro Ginza line to Ueno Park, which is known to many as Tokyo's best cherry flower viewing spot, you have dinner at a local Japan's version of taberna nearby like many other local Japanese.

    Ueno Park Sakura Viewing

    【About accomodation】
    The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by HULIC -6 nights- (WiFi=○) or similar

    【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
    B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=○, D(dinner)=○

    Shibuya crossing

    SHIBUYA HARAJUKU AREA    28.Mar,2018 (Wed)
    Shibuya-Harajuku area is where the young gather around dolled up on weekends. Of course we'll pass The Shibuya Crossing, where is one of the world's busiest crossings. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, there is always a crowd. It's actually pretty daunting to see such a large amount of people walking towards you, but Japan has an efficient pedestrian crossing system. Then we visit to the fashion boutique building "109" boasts its famous appearance right in front of Shibuya JR station, where young Japanese learn how to dress in latest fashion. Today you will get some advice from cute shop clerks trying on some new clothes in the entire morning.
    Have some real Ramen or Japanese noodle soup with a variety of ingredient like meet, seafood and fish for your lunch before visiting Meiji Shinto Shrine, where the first emperor after the end of feudalism is deified with his consort.

    Tokyo's version of 5th avenue, Omotesando is located right next to the shrine along with the famous Takeshita Street. The tour buys you some crepe on Takeshita st. so that you would feel like Japanese youngsters.

    The excursion ends having dinner at Monster Cafe. Created by famous art designer, it will surprise you with its edgy and colorful interior and menu.

    Takeshita Street

    【About accomodation】
    The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by HULIC -6 nights- (WiFi=○) or similar

    【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
    B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=○, D(dinner)=○

    Mario cartAKIHABARA AREA    29.Mar,2018 (Thu)
    The highlight of the this tour makes you dress like one of Japanese anime or video game character and drive in unique cars and automobiles around the downtown of Tokyo, although you will be required to get international driver's license (Mario Cart).

    The stuff member of Tokyo City Tour welcome you and share the moment inviting you to lunch, before taking you to some of Japanese family in order for you to take a close look at a Japanese house and how people live there.
    Family house : We will have some tee and japanese traditional snacks with family.

    Proceeding to Akihabara, a Mecca for those who follow Japanese subcultures, you will visit one of "Maid Cafe" where waitress dressed in maid costume serve you.
    Your final destination is Ninja restaurant. The waiters here dressed in black ninja costume serve you food in a surprising way.


    【About accomodation】
    The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by HULIC -6 nights- (WiFi=○) or similar

    【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
    B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=○, D(dinner)=○

    Sushi Making

    TOKYO    30.Mar,2018 (Fri)
    This tour offers you not only just visits to some places or sights of things, but the opportunity to create some Japanese Traditional things.

    Today you try preparing your own Sushi from the Sushi master. He tells you all about how to make sushi at sushi school. Nothing like having sushi you have made on your own.
    Enjoy free at your leisure afternoon.


    【About accomodation】
    The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by HULIC -6 nights- (WiFi=○) or similar

    【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
    B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=○, D(dinner)=×

    Kiyomizu Temple

    ASAKUSA    31.Mar,2018 (Sat)

    Enjoy free at leisure today.
    We prepare special optional tour
    - one day trip excursion to Kyoto   USD450 -
    Minimum number of participantsis 4 people

    Japan is a country with a lot of history, so you cannot miss the traditional side of the country. Therefore visiting the old capital for more than 1300 years is a must when you are in this country.
    You are scheduled to hop in a bullet train to make one day trip to Kyoto.
    There are thousands of buddhist and shinto temples there but we picked up some breath taking temples.

    The temple of pure water or Kiyomizu temple is one of the most popular among the thousands. The main pavilion boasts of the unique space which looks like Japanese opera stage where the sacred dance were offered to God. Pious follower of Budha used jump from that to prove their faith.

    Golden pavillion

    Golden pavilion or Kinkakuji temple stands gilded in gold, were set fire by a deranged monk in 1950.
    However it was restored after 5 years with donation of a lot of followers.
    The sight coupled with beautiful japanese garden and 600 year old bonsai tree blows your mind.
    Before leaving Kyoto, we can’t miss one place to visit…“Nijyou castle”. The shogun constructed this building when visiting Kyoto until 150 years ago. It’s also the place where the last shogun gave his political power back to the Emperor.

    On the way back to Tokyo, the tour offers you "Bento Dinner", a variety of food are neatly laid out in a box. In the bullet train to Tokyo, just relax, sit back and enjoy the Bento Dinner.

    Nijo castle

    【About accomodation】
    The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by HULIC -6 nights- (WiFi=○) or similar

    【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
    B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=× (optional tour ○) , D(dinner)=× (optional tour ○)

    Time to get back home with unforgettable memory and lots of souvenir.Leaveing for Narita International Airport by shattle bus. Return by air.

    【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
    B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=×, D(dinner)=×

    Customer Reviews

       I have loved everything about this tours

    The best places : fish market
    The best experience : Mario cart, rickshaw, hanami
    The room had a lot of space and were clean.
    I really enjoyed getting to try many foods I have never got at home.
    Our guide was very nice and very knowledgeable and very helpful. She was great at answering any tours.
    I have loved everything about this tours. I have enjoyed all the shops and sights.

    By Jill Ewald - 2016 spring -

       I was able to experience local cuisine , lots of variety. Amazing food!

    The best place : Shibuya
    The best experience : Sushi Making, Mario
    Hotels were located near train stations and it was good that breakfast was included.
    Meals were very good . I loved all Japanese meals.
    Each guide was extremely knowledgeable and extremely nice.
    By Beth Cornwell- 2016 spring -

       I will return for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

    The best places : Akihabara
    The best experience : onsen ,hanami
    I got to try new and different foods.
    I will return for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020. Thank you for such a wonderful time.
    By Andrew Coyoca - 2016 spring -

    Tokyo city tour:1-13-10, Sanshin Building 2A, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan