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2019 Japan Sakura Tour 6 days
Travel Dates : Mar.30 to Apr.04,2019
Tour Price : USD 1,698 Based on TWIN
We recommend spring time if you visit Japan for the first time. Because through mid-April from late March, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. You will surely lose a heart to a storm of falling cherry blossoms.

Day 2 Asakusa Asakusa -Day 2-

Asakusa is a famous sightseeing spot in Tokyo,which is reminiscent of the Edo period.This district has been flourishing as a temple town of Senso-ji, the oldest and the largest temple in Tokyo.
Nakamise street is a nice shopping street which is over 200m long, leading to the Senso-ji Temple.
image Asakusa

Day4 Kyoto Kyoto -Day 4,5-

Kyoto is an city that developed after the establishment of the Heiankyo in 794, and was home to the Emperor for approximately 1,000 years. Parts of its refined culture have been preserved and transmitted intact to the present day and can be experienced in Gion and other entertainment areas. image Kyoto

Day7 Izumo taisha Nara -Day4-

Todai-ji Temple, located in Nara City, is one of Japan’s most famous Buddhist temples and a World Heritage site listed as “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara. Its Great Buddha Hall, which is one of the world’s largest wooden buildings, houses one of the world’s largest bronze statues of Buddha. image Todaiji Temple

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Tour Descriptions

Spring in Japan is flowers of many hues and shapes all of them beautiful, colorful and plentiful. When first experienced by visitors, Japan is often felt to be delicate, quaint, and charming for its similarity to a miniature garden. Let’s welcome spring and enjoy this season of flower viewing with us!!
This is certainly Golden Route with Charm Cherry Blossoms, 3 nights in Tokyo and 2 nights in Osaka.
This tour will take you metropolitan area Tokyo, the highest mountain Mt.Fuji area, historical area kyoto and Nara, center for commerce Osaka in 6 days.
Bullet train ride : Between Tokyo and Kyoto section.

As one of a number of our services, we offer butler service by phone or WhatsApp for tour participants while staying in Japan.
Please let us know your request.

*In the case of tour participants is six or less, we use public transportion on day 2 and day 5.

Tour Date and Price

Start in Tokyo, End in Osaka

Tour Date: 6D5N   *March. 30 - April.04, 2019 *Guaranteed departure

Tour Price : USD 1,820 USD 1,698 *Price per person, Based on TWN

Single : USD 2,300 USD 2,178 *Price per person

Price (age 4-11※): USD 910


Tokyo / Mt.Fuji / Kyoto / Osaka

Visitting World Heritage Sites of UNESCO : Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Nara

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