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Japan Autumn Leaves Japan Autumn Leaves Tour 6 days
Travel Dates: Nov.10 to Nov.15,2018
Tour Price : USD 1,740 Based on TWIN
During the Fall season in Japan, you can see beautiful fall foliage. If you are interested in seeing the superb view of Autumn, I would recommend visiting Mt.Fuji area and Kiyomizu temple.

Day 2 Asakusa Asakusa -Day 2-

Asakusa is a famous sightseeing spot in Tokyo,which is reminiscent of the Edo period.This district has been flourishing as a temple town of Senso-ji, the oldest and the largest temple in Tokyo.
Nakamise street is a nice shopping street which is over 200m long, leading to the Senso-ji Temple.
image Asakusa

Day 3 Mt.Fuji Mt.Fuji -Day 3-

Mt,Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.It is 3776 meters above sea level and has a diameter of 44 kilometres. Mt. Fuji is considered to be the symbol of Japanese beauty and is often drawn in many art pieces. The most famous art piece of Mt. Fuji is called "Gaifu Kaisei" drawn by Hokusai Katsushika. image Mt.Fuji

Day7 Kyoto Kyoto -Day 4-

Kyoto is an city that developed after the establishment of the Heiankyo in 794, and was home to the Emperor for approximately 1,000 years. Parts of its refined culture have been preserved and transmitted intact to the present day and can be experienced in Gion and other entertainment areas. image Kyoto

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Package tours Japan Autumn Leaves 6 days

Tour Descriptions

The leaves change color and the Japanese archipelago is dyed from head to foot in vibrant colors as crops ripen and the long-awaited harvest arrives. Autumn's pleasant climate is best suited for outdoor leisure activities, such as hiking. We visit "Autumn leaves Festival" which is carried out in Lake Kawaguchi, many tourists enjoyed contrast of Mount Fuji of the big snowflake and bright colored leaves. Viewing autumn leaves is one of popular activities in autumn in Japan. Let's take a walk in autumn color with us!!

Staying 3 nights in Tokyo and 2 nights in Osaka.
Bullet train experience : Tokyo to Kyoto section.

Tour Date and Price

Tour Date: 6D5N   November. 10 - November. 15, 2018

Tour Price : USD 1,790 USD 1,740 *Price per person, Based on TWN

Start in Tokyo, End in Osaka

Single : USD 2,270 USD 2,178

Price (age 4-11※): USD 895

Tour Price without accommodation plan

Tour Price : USD 1,200 *Price per person

Price (age 4-11※): USD 895

Tour condition of without accommodation plan :

  • Above price does not include accommodation, so please book your hotel by each person.
  • Meeting and dismissing place is at a original hotel that we are using by the tour.
  • It does not include the cost of transportation to Meeting and dismissing place.
  • The condition except above is the same as original tour.

Tokyo / Hakone / Mt.Fuji / Kyoto / Osaka

Visiting World Heritage Sites of UNESCO : Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Nara

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