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Transportation from Narita airport

Transportation from Narita airport
Tokyo City tour offer transfer from Airport to Tokyo downtown. See the airport transfer page.

On arrival
From Narita Airport A taxi to downtown Tokyo from Narita Airport costs about 30,000 yen, depending on your destination and traffic condition. Many people prefer either the public bus or train.

Limousine bus service runs between Narita and downtown Tokyo.and major hotels. Tickets(3,000 yen) are bought at the airport after cleaning immigration and customs. There are several routes depending on final destination. The buses leave every 20 minutes or so,it takes about 2-3hours to get the central Tokyo.no extra charge for luggage.

There are two train to get the central Tokyo. The Keisei skyliner and The Japan railway Narita express, both are twice as fast as by bus or taxi,but not as convenient, as once at station,you will have to make a arrangements for transport around the city, if you carrying more than one bag , unless you have considerable stamina, don't think about getting around your hotel by train and subway. Especially, during the hot and humid summer month and rush hour congestion.


In term of connections, the Narita express is more convenient, stopping at Chiba, Tokyo, Shinjyuku, Yokohama and Ofuna. The skyliner just stop at Nippori and Ueno(it takes about an hour to Ueno) (Be warned, however , that carrying luggage through train and subway station in Japan is very tough like climbing Mt Fuji.) The Narita express costs about 3,000 yen for regular class and tickets must be bought in advance. The Keisei Skyliner costs about 2,000 yen and Tickets can be bought in advance or at the Station for the next train.

Taxis are the most comfortable way of getting around. but also most expensive. The basic fare in Tokyo Is about \650 for the flag drop. A short trip can easily run 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen. No tipping is expected. Taxi are available on almost every streets , corner , major hotel and railway station. A red light in the front window is illuminated if the taxi available.

About Taxi
Do not touch the door when getting in or out of a taxi. The doors on taxi are operated by the driver with a remote lever. Get out , walk away and forget the door. try opening or closing the door and you will get scowl from the door. many taxi driver speak only Japanese , so it can be helpful to have your destination written in Japanese. Do not be surprised if an available taxi ignores you at night. The driver is looking for a office worker who miss the last train and a nice tidy fare-on his way back to the suburb.

Baggage delivery
Most residents of Japan take advantage of Japan's fast and reliable delivery network. After cleaning immigration and customs , take your luggage to the ABC or QL liner counter in the main terminal. For about1,800 yen per bag , They will deliver the bag by following day wherever you are.

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