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Travel Tips

General information of Japan

Getting There
The most practical way of entering Japan is by air and through one of its several airport. New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport) 60km from Tokyo city center, is the busiest and one of the two main airport gateways to Japan. Kansai international airport is other main gateway , serves routes plying the Americas, Europe,and Asia. On the other hands, "namu myoho renge kyo" I obey myoho renge kyo(sutra). and observe its doctrine" which is used in the Nichiren sect.

Visa and passport
A proper visa is necessary for foreigners living in Japan and engaged in business or study. Passengers with confirmed departure reservations can be obtain a stopover pass for up to 72 hours. Japan has an agreement with 62 countries , whose nationals do not require visa for tourism purposed. They include : Australia Canada , United State , New Zealand and most European countries. (for stays of up to 90 days) You should fill in Immigration form which is delivered in plain.

Japan strictly prohibits the import and use of narcotic drags , firearms and ammunition. If caught in possession of any of these, The offender will not face the death penalty , but can expect no leniency. You can bring in any currency , personal effect and valuables into Japan.but there is an official limit of 5 million yen that can be taken out. You are also allowed to bring with you in Japan , free of tax , three bottle of spirits(760ml), 400 cigarette and 100 cigars or 500 g of tobacco , and 2 fl oz of perfume.

The power supply is 100 volt AC. Eastern cities in Japan , including Tokyo , run on 50 cycles , while those in the west such as Kyoto , Osaka Nagoya , use 60 cycles.

The unit of currency is the Yen(indicate as \), and the coins are 1,5,10,50,100 and 500 yen, Bills are 1,000 , 2,000 , 5,000 and 10,000 yen. Japanese store , service and merchants are legally forbidden to accept foreign currencies. You can buy yen at exchange banks and other authorized money exchange on presentation of your passport. At the international airport like Narita , Kansai , the bank are open 24 hours. Traveler's check are useful only at airport and major hotels. Elsewhere , they are virtually worthless. Major credit card , such as Master , Visa, American express, are accepted at establishment in and around Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto

Bank are open Monday to Friday between 9am - 3pm for normal banking. Cash dispensers (ATMS) located usually at bank branches and and some convenience store.

No tipping remains the rule in Japan, except for unusual or exceptional service. Taxi driver do not expect any tips, nor do hotel staff.