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Economy & Cost

Economy & Cost
It is no secret that Japan's economy has been in a slump for the last 20 years. The unemployment rate has hovered near 5 %, homeless ness is on the rise and visible in major encampments, like that in Ueno park, and a real upturn seems only vaguely in sight.


The problem started in 1989 when the Japanese stock market crashed .As the famed bubble economy continued to deflate. More corporations approached the brink of bankruptcy, prompting banks to extend loan that currently account for 150 billion yens in bat debts. This has resulted in deflation, increased public debts and a growing concern over how the government will manage to support the public pension fund that is expected to support a graying population.


In Tokyo the effects of this seems to be a mixed bag. Not surprisingly, as Japan's financial and cultural capital, it's been hit hard. In addition to the unemployment rate of more than 5 %, it's been estimated that 25 % of people under 30 are unable to find full-time employment. However, beyond these grim statistics, the city seems not only calm but also resilient. For the first time, people under 40 seem to be rejecting the stability of lifetime employment in favor of more compelling, often more flexible, jobs as independent contractors.


Tokyo, once known as an impossibly expensive city, has become a lot less expensive in the last 10 years. As a general rule, anything that requires a lot of space to create will cost a lot. Bowling alley, cinemas and most domestic produce fall into this category.

How mach in Japan?

・Newspaper - in English-- 150 yen

・Chewing gum --- 110 yen

・Magazine --- about 500 -800 yen

・One apple - 100 yen

・Milk 1,5L--- 180 yen

・Beer - supermarket - 230 yen

・Beer - at a Bar - 500 yen

・Beer from vending machine - 350 yen

・Coca cola- 120 yen

・Coffee - 200yen- 300yen

・Sashimi - supermarket - 350 yen- 800 yen

・Snack - 150 yen

・Cigarettes- Marlboro 320 yen

・2km taxi ride-660 yen

・Metro ticket - mini 160 yen

・JR Line ticket - mini 150 yen

・Cinema ticket - 1800 yen

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