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Mie Area Guide

Mie Prefecture is in Kinki region, the capital is Tsu-city, is located the eastern part of the Kii Peninsula.
Mie Prefecture has traditionally been a link between east and west Japan, thanks largely to the Tokaido and Ise Pilgrimage Roads. Traditional handicrafts such as Iga Braid, Yokkaichi Banko Pottery, Suzuka Ink, Iga Pottery and Ise Katagami flourished. Mie has a long been associated with forestry and seafood industries.
Mie also produces tea(green tea, matcha), beef(Matsusaka-beef), cultured pearls and fruit, mainly mandarin oranges.
Northern Mie is home to a number of manufacturing industries, mainly transport machinery manufacturing (vehicles and ships) and heavy chemical industries such as oil refineries. As well as this, Mie Prefecture is expanding into more advanced industries including the manufacture of semiconductors and liquid crystal displays. Most famous circuit is in Suzuka.
In 2004 Kumano Kodō is listed in World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Ancient road in southern Mie used by pilgrims.
Ise Grand Shine is Japan’s holiest Shinto shrine. Iga is one of the birthplace of the ninja and home to the Iga Ninja Museum.
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