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Ginkakuji temple- Zen temple - ,was built in 1482 by Ashikaga Yoshimasa, the 8th Muromachi Shogunate. Yoshimasa, following Kinkakuji temple was built by his grand father, built villa to spend his retired life.

Ginkakuji is common name, and formally it was called Higashiyama Jishoji, taking after Yoshimasa's posthumous title after his death. Ginkakuji is the palace where Higashiyama culture formed by Yoshimasa,and is the start of modern life style of the Japanese.

Hedge at Ginkakuji. The harmony of about 50m long hedges made of stones, bamboos andcamellias loning both sides of approach from the main entrance to the courtyard is magnificent.

This was originally called Kannonden, after Shariden of Kinkakuji and Ruriden of Saihouji. It is two storied - The first floor is built in Shoin style, traditional Japanese residential architecture style, and the second floor is Chinese temple style having Katoumado in the panel wall and a Chinese sliding door. the golden bronze phoenix on the roof facing east constantly guard Ginkakuji dedicated to Kannonbosatsu the goddess of Mercy.

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