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Ishikawa Prefecture is located in Chubu region. The capital is Kanazawa.
Facing on sea of Japan. The northern part of the prefecture consists of the narrow Noto Peninsula, while the southern part is wider and consists mostly of mountains with the prefecture's chief city, Kanazawa, located in the coastal plain. The prefecture also has some islands.
Ishikawa's industry is dominated by the textile industry, particularly artificial fabrics, and the machine industry, particularly construction machinery.
Kutani ware (Kutani yaki) is a bright colored glaze like Chinese porcelain. Kaga silk (Kaga yūzen) is made with complicated silk print technique. Kanazawa lacquerware (Kanazawa shikki) is high quality lacquerware traditionally decorated with gold dust.
Kanazawa gold leaf (Kanazawa haku) is produced with a technique of beating gold into wafer-thin sheets.
Kenroku-en is an old private garden, One of the Three Great Garden of Japan.
  • Kanazawa
  • Noto Peninsula
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