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Hiroshima Area Guide

Hiroshima is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūgoku region on the main island of Honshu. The capital is the city of Hiroshima.
Area is 3,272 sq mi. The population is 2,858,000.
Hiroshima city is the first city in history to be targeted by a nuclear weapon when the United States Army Air Forces dropped an atomic bomb on the city on August 6, 1945. Now at the center of Hiroshima city, there are a Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The purpose of that is to not only memorialize the victims, but also to establish the memory of nuclear horrors and advocate world peace.
Miyajima is famous for the Itsukushima Shrine , a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a Shinto shrine. It is known for its "floating" torii gate.
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