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Gunma Prefecture is located Kanto region. Capital is Maebashi.
The Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Industrial Heritage was constructed in 1872 in Gunma Prefecture, which became a leading center for sericulture, the rearing of silkworms and production of raw silk. In 2014 the monuments were submitted jointly for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Local product is Konjac (is grown in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and southeast Asia for its large starchy corms, used to create a flour and jelly of the same name. It is also used as a vegan substitute for gelatin. In Japanese cuisine, it appears in dishes such as oden.) Dairy farming is also major. There are many famous onsen resorts, like Kusatsu, Ikaho, Minakami and so on.
  • Kusatsu
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