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Gifu Area Guide

The Mino region has long been known for its high-quality paper called Mino washi, which is stronger and thinner than most other papers in Japan, Other paper-based products include Gifu Lanterns and Gifu Umbrellas. Other traditional goods include mino-yaki pottery in Tajimi, Toki, and Mizunami, cutlery in Seki, and lacquerware in Takayama.
Shirakawa's historic villages are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Takayama is famous for retaining its original appearance and is often referred to as Little Kyoto.
Because Gifu has vast, arable plains, agriculture is also a major industry. The forests in the north provide materials for woodworking and for the viewing boats used in cormorant fishing. Sake is often brewed with clear water from the rivers.
Nagara-river is famous for Ukai(cormorant-fishing). Ukai is trained cormorants tethered by neck ropes to their masters, are released from the boats to dive for Ayu(sweet fish). The ropes prevent the birds from swallowing the largest fish, which get lodge in their throats.
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