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Akita Prefecture is located in the Tohoku region. The area is 4483 sq mi, the population is 1million, Akita prefecture is shaped by the soaring Ou-mountain range and Dewa mountain ranges, which have long kept the region isolated. Akita´s peaks shelter remote, rustic hot springs that are among the best in the country. Nyuto onsen is known for the hot spring baths, located deep in the mountain area, east of Lake Tazawa, the prefectural border with Iwate.
kakunondate is eatavlish in 1620 by Ashina Yoshikatsu, the lord of the satake clan, sometimes referred to as "Little Kyoto of Michinoku" and presents a thoughtful, immersive experience fr anyone interested in catching a glimpse of the samurai era. A veritable living museum of Japanese culture and history, the Buke-Yashiki consists of orderly mansions stunningly surrounded by cherry trees and manicureed gardens. Here is a one of the heaviest snow area in Japan.
Agriculture is Rice,Sake(Japanese wine) and there are many beautifull white-skinnedladies, because this area’s onsen(Hot Spring) is good for skin. Japanese callt a woman from Akita, "Akita Bijin" mean Akita Beautiful woman.
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