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Full-course of "Cherry Blossoms & Spring of Tohoku" - 8 days

The Eternal bond " Tohokuntern " with Sakura festival

Flowers, Nature Scene, Traditional Archtecturs... Everthing is packed! !
Visit the 3 BEST cherry viewing places in Tohoku,
Hirosaki, Kitakami, Kakunodate.
The tour "No other travel agency offers"

Hirosaki Castle

Featuring spring of Tohoku region (northern part of Japan).
We will visit and experience full-course of Tohoku such as Sakura(cherry blossoms), 1 World Heritage site, and nature walk, traditional and tasteful local featres and MORE...
Beautiful mountains, rivers, and forests welcom you!!

We will visit the 3 most beautiful cherry viewing places, Hirosaki, Kitakami, Kakunodate and other spots.
Wifi is available in the bus. wifi

Itinerary & Price Details

Start Date(Day 1 of the Itinerary): April 27, 2018
Nights: 8 days 7 nights
Price: USD 2,480
Single room supplement: USD580
Price (age 4-11※): USD 1,240

Extend Plan

You can also extend your vacation before / after the tour in Tokyo. We can provide extension stay ( No escort service is provided ) in the same hotel which as a tour uses for 15,000 yen per night, per person. Please contact us!

Child Rate

Please note that children age 4-11 participant are half price when sharing a bed with their parents or guardians.
Children age 3 and under participant are free of charge.


All prices are per person, based on double or triple occupancy.
International flights are not included on our tours - this allows you the flexibility to choose your own departure and get the best value for your money!


6 nights Western style and 1 nights Japanese style accommodation
Meet and greet upon arrival at Narita Airport
Airport transfers on arrival and departure
Private coach transfers between destinations in Japan
Comprehensive escorted with TC tour professional English speaking tour guide
Meals described as in the itinerary
Admission fees and activities
Entry fees to sites, gardens, and museums listed in the itinerary


International Airfares
Meals that are not included in the itinerary
Travel Insurance
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
Personal expenses such as telephone and laundry bills


Transport : Travel by air conditioned, private coach, baggage handling free
Arrival/Departure Airports : This tour starts and ends in Tokyo. For arrivals and departures at Narita Airport (NRT)
Meal Requests : Vegetarian or special meals can be arranged
Meet and Greet : Please note that the meet and greet and airport transfer to the first hotel is ONLY available on the first day of the tour after 10 PM. If you plan to stay extra nights before the start of the tour, please arrange your own hotel transfer.

*Tour schedule and prices subject to change without notice.
**The schedule of flowering of cherry blossoms is based on avarage announced by local tourist associations. However, flowering date and scenery of nature may be delay or faster due to weather condition.


Map of Tohoku
*View from a coach



Hiraizumi (World Heritage)

Chusonji Motsuji Motsuji 

Chusonji Konjikido (temple, outside)

Chusonji Konjikido (temple, inside)

Motsuji (temple)


Kitakami Tenshochi Kitakami Tenshochi Kitakami Tenshochi

Kitakami Tenshochi



Ishiwarizakura (Rock breaking cherry)

Lake Towada

Lake Towada Oirase Stream  Oirase Stream

Lake Towada

Oirase Stream (Riverside walk)
Towada Gold Line (Snow wall road)*


Hirosaki Castle Mt. Iwaki Mt. Iwaki

Hirosaki Castle

Mt. Iwaki with cherry
Cherry tunnel

Juniko (12 ponds) - Beech Forest
(Close to Shirakami Sanchi, World Heritage)

Aoike(pond) Shirakami Sanchi 

Aoike (Blue pond)

Beech Forest walking


Namahage Namahage Ogata Cherry & Rapeblossom Road

Namahage(local deities, folk culture)

Cherry & Rapeblossom Road*

Kakunodate / Lake Tazawa

Kakunodate Lake Tazawa Lake Tazawa

Kakunodate (Cherry and Samurai residence)

Kakunodate (Cherry and Samurai residence)

Lake Tazawa (The deepest lake in Japan)*


Tono Tono Tono

Furusatomura (village of traditional local houses)

Tono Cherry Fetival (Procession of Tono Clan, Samurai)

Tono Cherry Fetival (Procession of Tono Clan, Kimono clad ladies)


Matsushima   Matsushima

Matsushima (Panoramic view with cherry)

Matsushima (Godaido, Buddhist temple hall)



Welcome to Tokyo! You will be greeted by an English-speaking assistant at the airport. The assistant will get you in the bus to your hotel.

【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
B(breakfast)=×, L(lunch)=×, D(dinner)=×



Our excursion starts from exciting Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) ride from Tokyo to Ichinoseki! Enjoy confortable riding!

Visit Chusonji and Motsuji temples in Hiraizumi built about 800 years ago (World Heritage sites).

Then, move to Kitakami Tenshochi to walk under the 1 mile (about 1.6km) cherry blossoms tunnel. This is one of the three best cherry viewing places in Tohoku.
Stya at hotel in Morioka.


【About accomodation】Royal Hotel Morioka (WiFi=○) or similar
Since this hotel is located in central Morioka so that you can take a walk to resaurant and izakaya (Japanese style sake bar). It is also close to the former site of Morioka Castle and Ishiwarizakura (Rock breaking cherry, natural monument).

【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=○, D(dinner)=×

Lake Towada


After seeing rock breaking cherry tree (natural momunemt of Japan) in Morioka, please enjoy beautiful nature secnes of Tohoku.

Enjoy boat cruise at Lake Towada. And enjoybreathtaking riverside walking at Oirase stream. Seeing clear water and water falls is breathtaking experience. Please have refleshing time by walking along river (1 hour).

Finally, move to Hirosaki passing through beautiful snow wall mountain road.

Stay at ryokan (Traditional Japanese Inn) close to Hirosaki castle, one of the famous and beautiful cherry viewing places in Japan!
After eating dinner, let take a walk to the castle to see beautiful night view of illuminated cherry.

Ishiba Ryokan

【About accomodation】Ishiba Ryokan (WiFi=○) or similar
One of our trour's theme is visiting traditional architecture, let's enjoy staying at Ryokan (Traditional Japanese style inn). The ryokan started operation in 1879 and is designated as National tangible cultural property.

Another reason why we selected this ryokan is, it is lacated close to Hirosaki Castle, one of the best cherry viewing places in Tohoku and Japan. Therefore, we can enjoy both night and daytime view of cherry!

Meals are served at large tatami room and we eat traditional cuisine together. Since part of the ryokan is traditional style, each room DOES NOT have bathtub and toilet. We will use public ones in the ryokan. Especially, toilet IS NOT western style. Please understand, in advance, the size and shape of each room is little different since the inn has been maintained traditional archtecture.
Please check English site. http://ishibaryokan.com/english.html

【Meals】    ×=Not include, ○=Include
B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=○, D(dinner)=○

Hirosaki Castle


Highlight of today's excursion is Hirosaki Castle, one of the most beautiful and famous cherry viewing spot in Japan!
Contrast between the castle and pink cherry will be unforgettable one. Enjoy taking walk and photos.

We will also visit the foot of Mt. Iwaki to see roadside cherry trees.

Then, drive to Juniko (12 ponds) close to Shirakami Sanchi, world famous beech forest designated as World Heritage site.

Shirakami Umihiko Yamahiko kan

【About accomodation】Shirakami Umihiko Yamahiko Kan (WiFi=×)
This hotel is lacated close to Shirakami Sanchi (Beech forest designated as World Heritage of UNESCO).
From this second story small hotel, you can see both forest and Sea of Japan.
If the day is clear, you may see beautiful sunset from public bath.

As the concept of the hotel, meals cocked by local ladies use local ingredients such as vegetables of mountain side and fish from the sea.

Shirakami Umihiko Yamahiko kan

Around Juniko region has few hotel, however, this hotel's rooms have wooden wall and very cozy.
Since it is close to beech forest walking site in the next morning, please have good rest and enjoy quiet atmosphere remoted from city life.

【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=○, D(dinner)=○



Let's start the day with beech forest walking at Juniko. Enjoy fresh air in the forest and beautiful Aoike (blue pond). It will be 2 hours walk with local guide.

Then, we will move to Oga to meet with local deities called "Namahage" who roar to you, "Anybody bad behavior kids there?, Being good to your parents?" It may be scarely, but fun (maybe...)

On the way to our stay Akita, please enjoy beautiful contrast between pink cherry and yellow rapeblossoms along road.

Akita Castle Hotel

【About accomodation】Akita Castle Hotel (WiFi=○)
This hotel is lacated close to Senshu Koen (park) that was the former site of Kubota Castle and today, we can enjoy cherry viewing.
Also, the hotel is close to Kawabata district that has many local cuisine restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese style sake bar).

Since Akita is famous as delicious rice producing prefecture, it sounds good idea to take a walk to have a couple of sake at local sake bar after the dinner.

【Meals】    ×=Not include, ○=Include
B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=○, D(dinner)=○



After leaving Akita, we will visit Japanese sake brewery. Akita produce best qualily rice in Japan. Please enjoy tasting good sake.
Then, we will move to Kakunodate, called as "Small Kyoto in Tohoku" and one of the best cherry viewing place in Japan.
Cherry blossoms blooming agains black walls of the former Samurai residence is such a beautiful. Enjoy tasteful townscape.

After visiting Lake Tazawa (the deepest lake in Japan), we will continue driving to Tono that is famous for mysterious folktales.

Aeria Tono

【About accomodation】Aeria Tono (WiFi=×, LAN cable only)
The emperor and empress of Japan stayed at this hotel when they visited devasted areas suffered from the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=○, D(dinner)=○



Staying at Tono takes you to the world of mysterious folktales. You will see tasteful old style houses among mountains and rice paddy.
At the Cherry Blossoms Festival, we will see the procession of Tono clan (feudal load). Local people wear traditional samurai's formal cloths and ladies wear beautiful kimono. It reminds us of the era of samurai.

Do you remember the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011? Sendai area was suffered from great damege from the quake and tsunami, however, it is gradually recovering from the devastation.

We will drive to Matsushima as the final destination. From the viewing spot, you will see Pacific Ocean from where big scale tsunami came on the day of the quake.
Matsushima's small offshore islands are designated as one of the three most beautiful scenic site in Japan.
After the final excursion, drive to Sendai for stay.

Library Hotel Higashi Nibancho

【About accomodation】Library Hotel Higashi Nibancho (WiFi=○)
The hotel is located center of Sendai and close to Kokubuncho (rastaurant district).
However, Sendai was suffered from serious damage from the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami, you may see vivid and energetic atmosphere of the city that is still on the process of recovering.

【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=○, D(dinner)=×

Takayama Festival Day6


Time to get back home with unforgettable memory and lots of souvenir. Return by air to Narita Airport or by Shinkansen to Tokyo.

SAYONARA (Good Bye) and please have a safe trip!

【Meals】   ×=Not include, ○=Include
B(breakfast)=○, L(lunch)=×, D(dinner)=×

Tokyo city tour:3-8-10, Rivera 8F, Kayabacho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan